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The Door to Canada is Now Open

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With over 20 years in the book industry, we know distribution and reverse logistics from cover to cover. Over that time we've honed our warehouse and systems to efficiently serve retail and wholesale sectors, both within Canada and internationally.

We’re the link you’re looking for.

Technology and online channels are having a huge effect on producers today, driving expectations of product availability, low pricing, fast delivery and international access through the roof. Staying competitive and profitable is increasingly difficult. Every area of operation must be scrutinized for inefficiencies.

Gateway North offers a way to streamline operations and reduce costs, without jeopardizing access to a huge Canadian market. Located just over the border in Southern Ontario, we are an efficient portal for publishers, manufacturers and retailers to move product and service customers throughout Canada.

Gateway North opens the door to a limitless market by providing the infrastructure and systems needed in the supply chain. Instead of building costly logistics, distribution and e-commerce systems, retailers and manufacturers of all sizes can invest in areas that will grow their business faster. Maximizing revenue. Lowering costs.

Canada is a big country and the population is small in comparison to most other countries. But it’s a viable and highly profitable market if you can get smart about how you reach it. With Gateway North, the door to Canada is open. We are the link you’ve been looking for.

  • Streamline operations
  • Reduce costs
  • Be competitive in a highly profitable market

Our story.

Back in 1990, we recognized an exciting opportunity for a more accessible, larger-scale secondary market for book returns. We launched a retail business, known today as Book Outlet, and a wholesale division, Book Depot, to get great quality “hurts” out to an audience of book lovers specifically looking for bargain pricing. The Internet was in its early years, and we strategically decided back then to make that channel an integral one. It was a marker of our dedication to innovation, which has been the driving force over the years in remaining responsive and relevant to the needs of our customers.

Gateway North developed as a springboard company, taking Book Depot’s strong IT infrastructure and now extensive facilities to meet the emerging needs of the publishing, retail and manufacturing industries: staying competitive, remaining as lean as possible, reaching the greatest market. We leverage our distribution expertise to provide a viable, efficient means of getting your goods to the Canadian market.

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