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By offering custom, value-added logistics, we’ve helped companies expand to new markets and position themselves for continued growth. We are a proven efficient, cost-effective option in building your Canadian presence – and your business.

Make Believe

Opening a whole new marketplace

Make Believe Ideas, a UK publisher of children’s books, had distribution channels established in the US but were looking for a cost-effective Canadian solution. Gateway North warehouses inventory bound for both large and small Canadian retailers, assembling shipments to spec and fulfilling in the tight processing times required.

Specialized, responsive service

With specialized, dynamic fulfillment needs, Make Believe Ideas needed more than a warehouse-shipper. Gateway North provides daily planogram fulfillment, product pricing, custom assortments and retail display-ready shipments. We also handle all reverse logistics, including excess inventory purchasing, making their Canadian distribution arm truly full service.

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Cutting logistics costs without cutting functionality

When this international publishing company needed a new solution for its Canadian distribution, we delivered cost-effective reverse logistics that made sense. Instead of incurring the cost of re-directing and warehousing book returns from Canada at a US depot, Macmillan uses Gateway North to receive all Canadian customer returns, and Gateway North then processes the returns as directed by Macmillan and purchases those items designated as hurts for future distribution.

Highly efficient processing and reporting

Gateway North acts as a seamless arm for Macmillan by processing their returns including details that are transmitted daily and returns processed from start to finish in an average of 7 days.

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