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For goods manufacturers, Gateway North opens the door to a limitless market by providing the infrastructure and systems needed in the supply chain.

Maximize Revenue + Reduce Costs

Instead of building costly logistics, distribution and e-commerce systems, manufacturers of all sizes can instead invest in areas that will grow their business faster. Maximizing revenue. Reducing costs.

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Cross-Dock Services

We’re an ideally located distribution hub positioned to receive your inbound goods and take them Canada wide – efficiently and accurately. We have the versatility to process a wide range of products, and where you need to consolidate or re-package goods, we have the warehouse and processing equipment to get it done. In the end, your distribution, handling and inventory holding costs are kept to a minimum, so you’re able to stay competitive while expanding your reach.

Cross-dock trucks

Only 10 miles from the border.


Fufill orders faster with local storage.


With over 450,000 sq ft of warehouse space, storage is available whenever it’s needed. We house inventories large and small, efficiently storing for quick access, so that order fulfillment and turnaround times are minimized.

Warehousing can be a great way to keep costs down for manufacturers producing goods on a fluctuating or seasonal basis. Any variety of product can be stored – already within Canada – then consolidated easily to fulfill demand as ordered. Your customers experience faster delivery and your handling costs are reduced.

Order Fufillment

Our "smart" warehouse allows us to complete incoming orders for shipment with exceptional accuracy rates and turnaround times. Our advanced internal logistics mean we are nimble enough to handle a wide range of physical products as well as varying order frequencies and volumes.

We’ll provide real-time status reports based on ecommerce platforms and manual entries, fluidly integrated with all of our other distribution services. We know our service reflects on your company, and we’re dedicated to ensuring you and your customers are satisfied.

Reverse logistics

Over 20 years in the reverse logistics business.


We'll handle the bits and bites.


The Internet has opened the door to manufacturers looking for other revenue opportunities or for dealing directly with consumers. In fact, as the fastest growing online sales category, it’s a stream that can no longer be ignored.

Gateway North makes it easy by providing e-commerce as a fully integrated part of your logistics system. We offer a smart way to capture sales, see up-to-the minute results and ensure your customers get their products quickly and error-free.

Returns Processing

For many products, we are able to offer a smarter way to complete the supply chain cycle and keep your operations at their leanest. With our returns processing, all your reverse logistics can be seamlessly integrated, and at a greatly reduced cost vs. using owned assets.

With over 20 years in the reverse logistics business, we have the expertise to ensure you’ll have the fast, detailed service you need. We provide an accurate accounting of exactly what is returned and what needs to be credited to your retail customers or end users.


A smarter way to complete the supply chain cycle.

Customer Service

We’re here to listen and respond.

Customer Service

When it comes to handling inquiries and order concerns, it makes sense for the ones with immediate knowledge of your product, quantities and the shipping details to handle it. Whether dealing direct with consumer or working through issues with your retailers, Gateway North makes it a seamless part of your supply chain.

As tech-savvy and innovative as we are, we still hold to very traditional customer service principles: service and respect. We purposefully create a customer-centric corporate culture, company-wide. We're passionate about making the experience of both you and your customers an outstanding one.

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