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The book industry is evolving at an unprecedented rate and publishers are being forced to reinvent to stay competitive. Profitability and growth are still within reach, but owning distribution centres is proving to be a limiting part in the equation. There is a way to serve the $973 million Canadian print book market while streamlining operations and reducing costs. Gateway North helps publishers scale back where it’s needed and yet increase reach Canada-wide through 3rd party logistics and returns processing services.

Focus on Growth

Integrated services to keep your supply chain strong.

Cross-Dock Services

Ideally located 10 miles from the Niagara Falls, NY border, Gateway North is geographically positioned and highly equipped to serve your Canadian market. We have a well-established book distribution facility in place with the advanced IT capabilities to keep your products moving quickly and accurately. A 3PL service with book expertise means your overall distribution and inventory holding costs are reduced but your supply chain performance remains strong.

Cross-dock trucks

Only 10 miles from the border.

Reverse logistics

High accuracy rates and quick turnaround times.

Order Fufillment

With extensive warehousing and processing systems we’re able to complete incoming orders for shipment with exceptional accuracy rates and turnaround times. Our advanced internal systems mean we’re nimble enough to handle widely varying demands, order frequencies and volumes. And because publishers’ order fulfillment often runs continuously, we can easily provide detailed, real-time reports to keep you and your customers informed at any time.

Our pick and pack systems integrate fluidly with any of our other distribution services. We’re dedicated to adapting to the system that will keep your supply chain flowing smoothly.

Returns Processing

It’s simple. We give publishers a smarter way to complete the supply chain cycle and keep their own operations at their leanest. With our returns processing, all reverse logistics are fully integrated, and at a greatly reduced cost.

With over 20 years in the book returns business, we have the expertise to ensure you get the fast, detailed service you need. Our sophisticated IT and processing systems mean an accurate accounting of exactly what is returned and what needs to be credited to your customers. All book aging is managed easily and to your specifications.


A smarter way to complete the supply chain cycle.

Returns Purchasing

On-site purchasing means faster payments for you.

Returns Purchasing

Our publishers find our integrated returns purchasing source an indispensible added value. Our affiliated company, Book Depot, is a ready purchaser for book inventory right at the point of return, so you incur no further costs securing returns revenues. And with an on-site purchasing source and our efficient turnaround times, you receive payments faster. In the end, your profits are maximized and handling costs minimized.


With over 450,000 sq ft of warehouse space, storage is available whenever it’s needed. With quantities large or small, we efficiently store for the express purpose of quick access, so that order fulfillment and turnaround times are always minimized.

Warehousing can be a great way to keep costs down, particularly with significantly fluctuating or seasonal inventories. Your books are stored already in the destination country, then consolidated quickly to fulfill orders as soon as it’s needed. Your inventory gets on the shelves faster and your handling costs are reduced.


Fufill orders faster with local storage.

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